All natural fibres for a safer and healthier lifestyle;
Wool products do not attract dust mites.

The wool is especially selected to provide durability and to retain its softness and bounce. The wool is scoured and carded commercially before use and aired well so these qualities can be retained. The wool is layered within the bedding to provide smooth and long wearing products. The quilts and under blankets are over stitched to hold the filling in place and prevent cold areas or lumping.

As our products are hand made, some slight variation will occur in thickness and stitching but this will not affect the warmth or wearability of the products. The covering of all our products are top quality cotton filled with the finest of Australian wool that has been grown locally. Very importantly our bedding is chemical and allergy free. On request we can customise your bedding requirements.

Country Wool Bedding:

  • Pure and natural Australian wool filled doona style quilts, under blankets and pillows for a better nights sleep
  • Filled with 100% pure wool
  • Covered with 100% cotton
  • Buy direct from the makers

The Quilts come in varying thicknesses equivalent to summer (1/2 blanket), 1, 2, 3 or 4 blanket warmth. Also available is the Duo, where each half of the quilt has a different warmth factor. This works very well where couples do not feel the cold to the same degree. If you are a single person you can ‘flip’ the quilt over, one half of the quilt can be used for the warmer weather, and the other half for winter warmth.

The Pillows come in a variety of thicknesses and will fit standard size pillow cases. We also now have travel pillows, oversized pillows and the popular body pillow.

The Under Blankets are very soft and warm and are ideal for those with back problems or rheumatism. They are stitched in a diamond design with elastic corner straps. The under blankets have no exposed wool.

The Woolly Warmers are made from 100% wool, 100% cotton covering & 100% wheat. Warm them for a couple of minutes in the microwave on high and they retain heat for a long period of time. They can also be put in the freezer and used as a cool pack. We also have Pet Woolly Warmers which are also are encased safely in 100% cotton with the softness of wool to retain heat (or cool if placed in the freezer).


Proudly Australian owned and produced by our family using local wool and wheat at Boort in Central Victoria.